MillBro Chat
We originally opened in 2009 as a Private IRC Network, But since July 2012, we re-branded as MillBro Chat, and are now Open to All!, Based in the North West Region of the United Kingdom.

We run a combination of UnrealIRCd 4 and Anope Services 2, along with the latest features, such as the new TimedBans feature(U), OfferList-based vHosts(A), Secure IP/Host Cloaking on Connect for *ALL* users (even Un-Registered users are fully cloaked, and we ALWAYS Cloak on IP Address, so any Hostnames are NEVER shown to Regular Users, Example: 7EFA0149.288C1C61.DCC2DA5D.IP)

Connect to us with your favorite IRC Client, or Download a Pre-Configured IRC Client at - on the standard port of 6667, 8080 or 9080 - You can also use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) if your IRC Client supports it (Highly Recommended) by using one of these ports 6697(Default), 8081, or 9081.

NOTE: If you are at a College, University or Internet Cafe which blocks the default IRC Ports, Please try the alternative ports (eg. 8080/9080/8081(SSL)/9081(SSL)) they sometimes work fine, However if they do not, Please let us know!

Everyone is welcome to come and chat with us, Why not register your nickname then make your very own registered channel, and invite your friends along for a chat as well!

We value your Privacy and Security, so we cloak Your IP/Host on Connect, in addition to that, If you register with NickServ, you can choose your own vHost if you wish, and optionally add your Twitter/Facebook/Googleplus/Skype urls to your NickServ Profile!

We also broadcast LIVE Game Details onto IRC from these popular games:

* American Truck Simulator Multiplayer on #TruckersMP
* Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer on #TruckersMP
* Both games show Hourly Full Server Details, including Online/Offline Servers, Active Players, Game Flags (eg. No Collision etc)
* Latest Steam News from Both ATS and ETS2 is also shown, Keep bang upto date with all ETS2/ATS News right here on MillBro Chat!

- We can also index other games on request, provided the game in question has a Publicly Accessible API that we can use, Please feel free to ask for other games to be added!

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) was created by Jarkko Oikarinen in August 1988 (30 years ago, as of 2018) Wikipedia Article on IRC

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