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6697 - 8080 - 9080
NOTICE: All Non-SSL Ports have now been Closed to all traffic, We now only officially support SSL-Enabled IRC Clients, so please now use SSL Ports as detailed above (eg. - Click Here For Further Details

You can download a Pre-Configured IRC Client from below to Install to your computer, or you can take us on the road (for example on a USB Stick or Hard Drive) by downloading a Portable version:

These IRC Clients require .NET Framework 4.5 which you can obtain from Microsoft: Web Install or Offline Install
You can also check what versions of .NET your PC has installed by visiting here and downloading the .NET Tool
According to this list, so you DO NOT need to download .NET Framework if you are using 8, 8.1 or 10!

-- Advanced IRC Client, Basic Theme Support
-- Expert IRC Client, Theme Support, Auto-Updater, mIRC Scripting support

Other Downloads:

IRC RFC Documentation in PDF Format
-- RFC1459 RFC2810 RFC2811 RFC2812 and RFC2813
Windows 10 Tweaks
-- Stop Spying, Repair Firewall, Remove Most Apps, Disable Lock Screen, and More!


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