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NOTICE: Please use SSL for all connections, You may need to confirm the SSL Certificate, since it is self-signed, in (He)XChat simply tick the box on the connection dialog, for mIRC it will ask you to confirm it when connected.

You can download a Pre-Configured IRC Client from below to Install to your computer, or you can take us on the road (for example on a USB Stick or Hard Drive) by downloading a Portable version:

These IRC Clients require .NET Framework 4.5 which you can obtain from Microsoft: Web Install or Offline Install

You can also check what versions of .NET your PC has installed by visiting here and downloading the .NET Tool

NOTE: According to this list, you do not need to download the .NET Framework if you are using 8, 8.1 or 10!

-- Advanced IRC Client, Basic Theme Support
-- Expert IRC Client, Theme Support, Auto-Updater, mIRC Scripting support

Other Downloads:

IRC RFC Documentation in PDF Format
-- RFC1459 RFC2810 RFC2811 RFC2812 and RFC2813
Windows 10 Tweaks
-- Stop Spying, Repair Firewall, Remove Most Apps, Disable Lock Screen, and More!


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