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6697 - 8080 - 9080
NOTICE: All Non-SSL Ports have now been Closed to all traffic, We now only officially support SSL-Enabled IRC Clients, so please now use SSL Ports as detailed above (eg. - Click Here For Further Details


Since November 2018, MillBro Chat has actively worked to close off Non-SSL Port(s) to at least 99% of our Connections (We can still allow them under Certain Circumstances ONLY)

You may have to accept a Self-Signed Certificate in order to connect, since we are a small IRC network, we do not have the finances to create expensive SSL Certificates, Most IRC Clients have the ability now to connect to SSL ports, But you may need the OpenSSL Libraries (1.0.2N), If you place these inside your mIRC or (He)X-Chat folder, reload your IRC Client, and then connect to '' enable SSL and use Port 6697.

Alternatively, You can download one of our Pre-Configured IRC Clients which have been setup to use SSL out-of-the-box, and they are even Portable, so you can put it on a USB Stick and join us anywhere.

Only authorized users will be able to use Non-SSL after December 2018, After which time any un-authorized users who connect without SSL will be terminated and told to use SSL! - This will be strictly enforced!


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