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Terms Of Service (Last Updated: May 2018)

When you connect to our network we will assume you have read and fully understand the following Terms Of Service, which you must accept and abide by while using our services:

* We allow Freedom Of Speech *WITHIN REASON*
* Please treat both our users and staff with the same respect and politeness you yourself would expect
* Racism is generally frowned upon, We are all 'Human Beings' regardless of Where we come from and/or what Religion we follow (if any), so to that end, Please Treat everyone with respect, REGARDLESS of the above factors!
* Our services are LIVE, and to that end, we cannot, and DO NOT, Block and/or Police everything what passes through our services, this includes but is not limited to Swear Words, Bad Language, URL/Hyperlinks and so on
* If you see a URL/Hyperlink pasted into the Chat, It is entirely *YOUR* choice if you click it, If you DO NOT trust the source, then DO NOT click it, or ask a Staff Member if it is safe to click on, if in doubt DONT CLICK ON IT!

User Bot(s) are allowed/permitted provided you:

* Mark them as a Bot (/MODE +B *OR* /UMODE +B *OR* /RAW UMODE +B) - If you fail to do so, they maybe removed from IRC without prior warning/notice.
* As long as your 'Bot' does not bother/annoy/disrupt us, our Users and Our Services, We will not bother 'IT'
* Keep your Bot out of Official Network Channels unless you ask permission first!
* File Sharing Bot(s) are allowed provided they DONT share Viruses and/or Trojans and/or anything what could affect or disrupt our services and/or anyones individual computer

Network Administration will only get involved in Non-Network Channel affairs if one or more of the following happen:

* The channel disrupts the operation of our services in any way.
* We recieve a lot of complaints regarding the channel in question.
* We are asked for help by the Channel Owner ( From /CS INFO )

If you break any of the rules above, you will be subject to the following sanctions:

* A verbal warning for your First Offense.
* A Channel Ban and/or Network-Wide Ban for 30 days
* A permanent ban if you constantly break the rules above, No Exceptions!

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